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Hey guys I’m the newest member of crazzyjack.com and well I uh…….. Do stuffff I guess


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Hello viewers I would like to give a warm welcome to a new friend at crazzyjack splashy , he will be posting a game (maybe more) on the website and will be posting videos too!

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Hello everyone we are moving to crazzyjack.com
crazzyjack.com will also start putting up games but they will only be on crazzyjack.com not on here!

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On this website there shall be no bullies and no cyberbullies if i see any comments on this site they will be taken down! I do not agree with bullies cyber or verbal or physical all are bad! If you see anyone being bullied STOP IT OR CALL SOMEONE INSTANTLY !!!

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I highly recommend visiting this excellent site which help’s anyone who plays Skyrim the fifth elder scroll game , they also have a large community of gamers who you can chat to if you want to discuss games or just to have a chat if you have not seen or been on this site go now!

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Tweasure hunt. Limerick,Ireland   1 comment

Dear reader’s

Today I went to a tweasure hunt in Limerick Ireland , a tweasure hunt is a treasure hunt but you get clue’s and when you find the answer you must tweet it on twitter . It was really fun and I would recommend it to families that enjoy doing stuff together .For more information visit Limerick’s Life

Have fun yours sincerely Crazyjack

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